• A Visit to Schaffhausen and FJ Headquarters

    Posted on May 27, 2014 in Furrer Jacot's World


    The Munot, Schaffhausen, SwitzerlandBecause of our history and legacy, we can definitely say that each Furrer Jacot ring is unique and has its own story. And we are not exaggerating when we say –every single piece of jewelry is handmade at Furrer Jacot’s factory in Schaffhausen, in Switzerland.

    Furrer Jacot is so passionate about sharing its rich history that we always invite our best retailers on trips to Switzerland, so they can visit our headquarters and learn about how everything started more than 155 years ago.

    Last month we had the opportunity to illustrate some of Furrer Jacot’s philosophy to Michelle DeMaio from Long’s Jewelers in Burlington, MA, and Deborah McAtee from Borsheims Jewelers in Omaha, NE.

    On the first day of the trip, a guided tour through the idyllic medieval town of Schaffhausen showed the ladies where Furrer Jacot rings are created and how the landscape around it influences every single piece that is handcrafted. Michelle and Deborah sat down for lunch with the view of the Rhine Fall as a backdrop, the largest waterfall in Europe and a beautiful site that cannot be missed when visiting Switzerland.


    “The villages of Schaffhausen and Lucerne and their rich histories, shown to us by a private tour guide was an unexpected treat! How lucky we were to have tours tailored for us!” – Deborah McAtee, sales associate at Borsheims

    The next day was spent admiring Furrer Jacots’s “Swiss-made Production”, strict ethical standards and the best service. Both of our guests were able to understand how, using top-quality base materials, Furrer Jacot produces all pieces to the exact specifications of its chief designer. All rings are manufactured by a complete chain of professional craftsmen, from designers and model-makers to goldsmiths, stone setters, lathe operators, polishers and engravers.

    fj2With the help of a skilled goldsmith, Michelle and Deborah experienced the crafting of their very own Furrer Jacot rings. They also spent some time with Lucas Ruppli, Head of Design, Walter Häeusermann, Owner and President of Furrer Jacot.

    “Meeting Lucas and being able to see first-hand his creativity and ability to transform sketches of scenes from nature into magnificent rings and award winning one of a kind pieces of jewelry has turned my love of the Furrer-Jacot brand into a passion!”

    We believe that providing retailers with this type of experience is the best way to show them where the inspiration for our jewelry comes from. They can also witness how Furrer Jacot stays true to its values; a unique knowledge of traditional handcrafting is passed down over generations, using the most innovative techniques in the manufacturing of unforgettable jewelry –such as those that are part of the Lucienne by Furrer Jacot engagement ring collection.

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