• About Furrer Jacot’s Blog

    A blog is simply an interactive and updatable website. As a brand that has been handcrafting upscale rings with original and distinguished designs from Switzerland to the world for 155 years, Furrer Jacot understands the need to be always current and up to date, without, however, losing our own roots and identity.

    This is the reason why we have decided to launch this Wedding & Engagement Rings Blog and to put our focus on Social Media. We want to listen to and interact closely with our audience, meaning anyone who is in love and searching for the perfect wedding or engagement rings. In fact, at Furrer Jacot we are looking forward to hearing from the ones who appreciate our jewelry, since highly customizing our rings is one of the most unique services FJ’s clients are able to take advantage of.


    On Furrer Jacot’s blog you will be immersed inside our world and jewelry’s history, getting to know more about our philosophy and standards.

    Here we will talk about Furrer Jacot’s rings, share news about our brand and discuss collections’ trends. You will be able to read wedding and engagement related articles and interviews with our staff members, besides learn everything you should know in order to make the right decision when purchasing one of our rings.

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