• About Furrer Jacot’s Brand & Rings

    Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 10.43.02 AMFor over 155 years, Furrer Jacot has been synonymous with luxury, high end wedding and engagement rings, designed and handcrafted in Switzerland by craftsmen who create the most unique wedding rings for our discerning international clientèle.

    Throughout time, wedding and engagement rings have been emblems that symbolize love and devotion. The traditional circle shape means forever, and these pieces of jewelry are very special, since you will wear them everyday, for the rest of your life. As every relationship is different, think of Furrer Jacot’s rings as unique unrivaled, with distinctive designs, high level of individuality and premium quality.

    Since 1858 Furrer Jacot has been designing and bringing to life thousands of pieces of art in the form of jewelry. FJ’s rings come from a long time heritage and tradition, with designs ranging from vintage looks to timeless pieces. Even though we have a long history, FJ’s philosophy has remained the same: to create original wedding and engagement rings that represent the identity of every single one of our clients, by providing them with a high level of individuality.

    Furrer Jacot’s clients can customize within our Ringdividuell Collection® their rings using distinctive designs, with a very unique comfort and extremely high quality. When creating your own ring, there are many different options to choose from. You can start by choosing your precious metal, from 950 platinum, 750 yellow, white or red gold, or 950 palladium, and you can even convert two of them into bicolor rings. At Furrer Jacot, you can also pick your ring width and shape or form and opt from four different ring forms, finding the best match for the contour of your fingers, to optimally complement your hands.

    You can then accentuate your ring by adding texture, with a choice of many different surfaces. For a finishing touch, you can “dress up” your piece of jewelry with one or several sparkling diamonds, in one of the ten impressive diamond decoration schemes.

    For 25 years, Lucas Ruppli has been the head of design at FJ, and nature and architecture have been his primary inspiration. Imagine rings that have their own personal character, with handcrafted surfaces and diamonds set in by hand by master stone setters.

    A family owned company, we believe in close relationships with our clients. Furrer Jacot represents “Swiss made” quality and the authenticity of the materials used in our rings are produced in accordance with the highest standards of Swiss goldsmith art and in compliance with international standards when it come to sourcing the medals and diamonds. After all, we like to say that the most important rings are made in Switzerland, and yours by Furrer Jacot.