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    Posted on July 1, 2015 in Wedding Tradition


    What’s Your Size?

    RDV_10Well- Congratulations you have finally done it! You decided to propose! This being the biggest leap you have ever knew and a year from now it will be the most important of your lifetime. Did you think the stress and hard part were over? Not yet. Sorry.

    Today we will help you ease the burden of chosing the right size of your wedding band. Many people might not think of sizing a band as a big issue. But it is, think of this like this: you’re wearing the band for the rest of your life. The smallest things will change the size of your finger—from the food you eat to what time you’re visiting the jewelry store. So let’s take a walk into your lifestyle, and hopefully by the end of this, you’ll be on your way to your perfect sizing.

    71-84280-_-71-29280While considering what band you would like to wear, here are some tips to keep in mind. This band is going on your hand, which is most actively used. Are you an active person; is your job very physical? Also, the weather will affect the size of your finger; a little more swollen in the summer, a little looser in the winter. What is the food you had a day before? Did you know that alcohol in any form –beer, wine or liquor – could cause fluid retention in your hands? Fluid tends to accumulate in your hands and feet because fluid travels downhill; alcohol initially acts as a diuretic, which can lead to dehydration. When you are dehydrated your body tries to conserve fluid. The salty snack you might consume while drinking can also contribute to swollen hands.

    71-84130-RGAre your fingers thicker? Do you have bigger joints? Ask your jeweler about comfort fit. Rounder fingers generally size better with bands that have a slight comfort fit (rounded on the inside of the band). Also, consider the width of the band: a wider band such as 7mm or 9mm has to be very well adjusted to your finger. A thinner band is easier to put on and take off from thicker fingers.

    All in all, this may sound weird but wearing a ring is usually a new thing for men; but like everything, it takes time to adjust to. Not every design can be sized, so it is best to ask questions and get properly sized at your jeweler. If the ring doesn’t come off, rest assured—all precious metal rings: Platinum, Gold (White, Red, and Yellow), Palladium, and even Carbon Fiber can be cut open at an emergency.

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