• An Interview With Lucas Ruppli, Head of the Design at Furrer Jacot

    Posted on January 14, 2013 in Furrer Jacot's World


    New York, January 2013
    Lucas_Ruppli_Furrer-Jacot_Tell us a little bit about your career path, your work at Furrer Jacot and how you have evolved the brand over time.

    I started as an apprentice at 16 years old and remained d until I was 20 and went to live in South Africa. I worked as a volunteer in the military services for the United Nations.

    When I returned to Switzerland, I accepted a position as a goldsmith replacing someone who was on leave from Furrer Jacot.

    Eventually the head  designer left his position and the company began to use outside sources to develop the jewelry collections. However, this didn’t work because  there was no relationship between the designers and the artisans. They began a search internally for someone they believed understood the brand and could rise to the challenge of designing new and modern collections.


    I applied for the designer position was challenged to devise drawings for a new collection that became quite successful once it was launched.  I was made Head of Design. That was 25 years ago.

    When a brand has a 150 year history, what do you bring to the design and brand to keep it current in an ever changing and competitive marketplace?

    We can conceptualize and create outstanding and modern designs because we base everyone on traditional handcrafting and individuality. I believe we create timeless, elegant objects of art.

    In your opinion, what is the most special aspect of being a ring designer?

    My creations are not industrial and cookie cutter. Each is unique and challenging and must appeal to an individual’s taste and style. Whether I am creating a ring for a man or a woman –it has to have a relevant and meaningful elements that can translate to someone’s style.

    What are your inspirations when creating each single piece of jewelry? How is your creating process?

    Sometimes I just start drawing, but I usually get my inspirations from nature and architecture. If I am in Japan or in New York, I draw differentially, since it has to do with the feelings some places bring out on me. The inspiration for Furrer Jacot latest collection, for example, was sports. We used carbon fiber to create something very sporty, contemporary and linear. Therefore this collection was actually made from the inspiration of having a new material, not necessarily focusing on the shape or designs of the rings.

    ChainWhat is your personal definition of wedding and engagement rings?

    A ring is something very individual; it becomes a ring when it matches the person who is wearing it. When creating I need to have a person in my mind who will wear this kind of ring, otherwise I can make a connection between the inspiration and the creation of the ring. The stories behind the rings are very important, so I also try to reflect them with the shapes and the feelings, which I have while developing the design for a ring.

    Could you describe in a few words how the final customer could imagine FJ’s factory in Switzerland? How is the environment like?

    Furrer Jacot is a small family owned company, with only 40 employees, therefore we are still able to keep our brand DNA intact. We work in a three floor building, and everybody is from Schaffhausen –the same town – so we actually know each other and operate pretty much like a family.

    Why do you believe FJ’s wedding and engagement rings are something special?

    There are many reasons why Furrer Jacot rings are so special. First and foremost we create every ring with great passion. We constantly talk about our work. Every piece is hand made and in every piece there is the passion of the person in it who was working on the ring. All our “ingredients” –our stones and medals we use– are of highest quality. We have an unparalleled service and always have our clients in mind with everything we do.

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