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    Customize your own rings

    If you believe your rings should express the uniqueness of your romance and the paths you and your partner have taken, a Ringdividuell® will definitely give you the chance to display your personality in your own ways. You can create a customized ring starting by picking the ring form that most comfortably matches your fingers and complements your hands. You can also select the ring width to enhance your best features. Picking your metal of choice is the next step, and you can choose from 950 platinum, 750 yellow, white or red gold or 950 palladium. Then you can accentuate your piece with a choice of surface that can be polished, longitudinal matte, and hand-chiseled. The final touch of individuality will be by adding a diamond. Often one partner wants a diamond, but the other one doesn’t, and we certainly can make all of this happen for every couple. happen by offering you ten impressive diamond decoration schemes.

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    Based on architecture, these rings always stand out

    Rings from Furrer Jacot’s Sculptures Collection are much more than “pieces of jewelry”. They show that relationships are opportunities to find support without having to abandon one’s own decisions, as well as offering support without feeling constricted. The Sculptures collection are typically talking pieces: Imagine a dinner party where someone is wearing a Furrre Jacot ring – we can assure you the ring will stand out and become easily a topic of admiration. (something along this lines..)

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    Luxurious and more traditional ring designs

    Furrer-Jacot Magique are based on more traditional ring designs, however each ring is displaying that so typical Furrer-Jacot design component. As all other Furrrer-Jacot rings, they are luc=luxurious and stylish and are handcrafted by the Furrer-Jacot goldsmiths. Most of the Magiques design are available with diamond setting all around or halfway around the ring. They are offered in the Furrer-Jacot materials which are the 3 gold alloyed 750, platinum and palladium  950.

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    Performance and perfection, to be used as masculine jewelry or wedding bands

    Whether you are the more traditional type or have sort of an edgy attitude, Furrer-Jacot’s Masculine Collection was created for discerning men with a sense of aesthetics and an appreciation of quality. The construction of these rings consists of several parts, a technological style and muscular design. They are all combined with intricate manufacturing, using the most exclusive material without forgetting extreme attention to detail. FJ’s Masculine bespoke designs are all about underlining top performance and perfection, whether they are worn as masculine jewelry or as a wedding band.

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    Carbon Fiber

    A fusion of precious metals with the endurance of the cool carbon fiber material

    In 2012, Furrer Jacot launched the Carbon Collection, a fusion of precious metals with the endurance of the cool carbon fiber material. Strings of carbon fiber are wrapped tightly around the different shapes and forms of the rings, giving these wedding bands a modern feel. These designs target the fashion forward client looking for a wedding ring that is contemporary and yet a bit different. Every model is also offered with one or more diamonds, so you can add an extra sparkle to your Furrer Jacot jewelry piece. Due to the success of this collection, stay tuned for more models with Carbon Fiber to be released in 2013.

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    New Releases

    Our newest trending rings collection

    For 2014, we continue to mix the different colors of the metals with the carbon fiber and make them available in a shinny or matte finish. We have also added some playful and more romantic designs reflecting a mix of precious metals and black rhodium plating in form of wings and musical symbols.

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