• Customer Story: Love Birds in Idaho

    Posted on September 19, 2014 in Furrer Jacot's World


    You probably know by now how much we love to share our costumer’s love stories. This time we will share with you the story of Katie and Jake, two love birds from Meridian, ID.

    Katie was sitting in church when she saw this really hot guy go up and speak. She leaned over to her friends and said: “Look there‚Äôs my future husband”. Little did she know…

    Katie_Jake“I am not a very outgoing gal to begin with but I really wanted to meet this ‘hottie’. I went to any church activity to see him and try to get him to talk to me. My courage was limited to a quick ‘Hi’. I found out later that he was trying to meet me too. We finally got to talk a little and it was love from there. We were engaged within three months and we got married about four months after we met! He is a little goofy and I’m a little too shy but we fit! When he got me an engagement ring he asked me what kind I liked, and I told him yellow gold. He got me platinum. So I went to buy him a platinum [band] and I fell in love with an incredible Furrer Jacot ring! Its quality and style is just perfect for him!”

    Katie reciprocated Jake proposal’s gift by giving him a unique Furrer Jacot platinum carbon fiber band with a rose gold edge she’s purchased from Simmons Fine Jewelry, in Idaho.

    Each beginning between a couple is truly unique and beautiful. We at Furrer Jacot are so pleased to hear that Katie and Jake chose a Furrer Jacot ring, which defines their special love for each other. We wish Katie and Jake Moyle nothing but the best in their future together.


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