• FJ at the Martha Stewart’s ‘The Bride’s Guide’ Blog

    Posted on October 3, 2013 in Same Sex Marriage


    A wedding, the beginning of a marriage, another beautiful love story. As wedding ring manufacturers for 155 years and a family owned brand, we are always honored to be part of the ceremonies where a couple exchange vows and then piece the beginning of their future together.

    That was exactly what happened on September 21st, when Anthony Luscia, Special Projects Editor for The Bride’s Guide Blog, on MarthaStewartWeddings.com, and his groom had their special day. The couple went to Michael C. Fina, in New York City, and selected Furrer Jacot wedding rings. They chose Furrer Jacot not just because our wedding bands are handmade and highly customizable, but also because we offer lots of options for Grooms/Grooms and Brides/Brides. Read Anthony Luscia’s blog post and learn about his wedding experience.

    We at Furrer Jacot would like to thank Luscia and his groom for their choice and congratulate the couple on the beginning of their eternity.


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