• Trends from the Couture Show 2013 in Las Vegas

    Posted on June 10, 2013 in The Collection


    71-84050-RG_Having just returned from the Couture Show in Las Vegas, the reaction to the existing Furrer Jacot Collection and the buzz about the 2013 Novelties from US and Canadian Jewelers was a huge success!

    Our meetings with the top editors and opinion leaders of the bridal and jewelry industries provided meaningful discussion of current and future designs and trends.

    When asked what we see as trends for the wedding rings in general and for Furrer Jacot specifically, there are two distinctive design trends that have surfaced over the past months.

    Our Carbon ring collection continues to be in high demand, becoming a stand-alone product category to itself. The combination of unique carbon fiber material and precious metals comes at the perfect time for the continuing trend of men’s fashion forward accessories in black and sporty designs. These rings are just right for men who have decided to choose a very distinctive wedding band. Men especially like the application of the strong and very durable carbon fiber material in combination with white, rose or yellow gold or palladium.


    Another strong trend in current designs is our rings with textured finishes. There are the hammered surfaces and the surfaces which look like someone scratched the ring in a very artistic way. And there are the surfaces that look almost like the imitation of a graphite stone. What these rings all have in common is that they look rich and sculptured making a statement in a very sophisticated way. Please see for yourself how beautiful they look especially in yellow and rose gold.

    71-84070-YG 71-84040-RG

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