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    Posted on March 3, 2016 in Wedding Tradition


    If you live in New York City then surely you are used to blocked streets for a movie shooting, catering cars and trailers tracks parked along your block. The crowd that gathers to see a celebrity even though celebrities are never there, but you read about their appearance at the local coffee shop next morning in your AM newspaper.

    setup at the studio

    We ran into the same excitement on the streets of the city in the Union Square area; stepping out with the two handsome models, our Italian photographer, and the good spirited Furrer Jacot team. We were determined to create a timeless ad that represents same sex couples through the Furrer Jacot wedding band collection. Our two models are from the gay community of New York and both proud owners of Furrer Jacot wedding bands; and we were all determined (while avoiding blocking traffic) to get the best shots possible for our ad.


    Everything was perfect for our shooting day, we had a nice lunch at the local Italian restaurant, even one of our Furrer Jacot team members was mistaken for a celebrity we have never heard of and was asked for their autograph. The only imperfection we faced in New York City was the endless rainy day.


    The concept for our commercial wedding band ad was to show a career established urban gay couple in their casual time relaxing and enjoying a gorgeous views trough the window of a New York loft, then to show them at the lunch break enjoying a cap of good old espresso. The next scene was on the street just about to go to the black tie event and the last coming back home and relaxing on sofa after a charity and networking event.


    Please enjoy some snap shots of the Furrer Jacot wedding band photo shoot. The Furrer Jacot LGBT wedding band campaign launches this month and will appear in men’s magazines and related online site.
    Photographer was Maurizio Bacci from Babaldi Studio in New York.

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