• It’s Valentine’s Day

    Posted on February 14, 2014 in Special Dates


    Throughout history, the circle, which has a beginning and no end, has been used to symbolize the eternal bond of love. Since 1858, Furrer Jacot has expressed this promise of eternity with exceptional rings crafted from the most precious alloys. Brought to life by artisans with a zeal for perfection, each jewel is the only one of its kind, reflecting the unique nature of each emotion, each emotional bond and each life story.

    Furrer Jacot –it seals the most incredible bonds

    As creators of rare jewels that represent vows, shared hopes, and happiness itself, we would like to wish all couples and lovers the most perfect Valentine’s Day. We hope today will be one of the most special days of your life, highlighted by that much anticipated proposal that will lead to a dream wedding and will culminate in a strong lifetime marriage.

    ps_2012_01_30___17_03_51_Jamie and Jen2 wedding_

    Above, Jennifer & Jamie, Beatrice & Frederic, both couples married since 2007, they have their loves testified with Furrer Jacot rings




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