• Luxury for Life – (Pause) Only for the Ones Who Are One of a Kind

    Posted on February 21, 2013 in Wedding Planing


    62_51590_0_0A ring is a statement. The difference between a regular rind and a unique, custom made, luxury artisan ring is not only a difference in price. Today, more and more couples are looking for modern interpretations of engagement and wedding bands. Matching wedding bands do not necessarily meant the bands have to be of identical design, but can have remarkable personal touches which render them individual while maintaining a unity in their form.

    If you think about your budget for your wedding day and consider all the expenses,  you will agree that choosing the perfect rings is not about money, but about the effort and love that you put into conceptualizing your ideal rings. Yes, the purchase of a ring is an investment but more importantly –what the ring symbolizes should not be over looked.  It is a symbol of the bond of permanence between a couple and these rings are something that will be worn everyday –for the rest of your lives.

    The ring should be a manifestation of each person’s individual style, taste and personality. If you enjoy sports or music, you should opt for a slimmer ring with rounded edges, rather than a wider  band. If you or your partner work with your hands, you might want a simple, solid metal ring without stones and carvings which can come loose and trap dirt. For those who are  allergic to certain metal alloys, investing in a platinum is a better choice, since its purity renders it hypoallergenic.

    Perhaps our rings are not for everyone, but they are perfect for couples who know themselves and their relationships as “one of a kind”. Since 1858, Furrer Jacot has been creating refined designs for female, male and unisex styles that are made to order in Switzerland and sent to the best retailers in the US and throughout the world. We believe your rings should tell your story and bring out your personality. We at Furrer Jacot believe that your rings should tell a love story.

    That is why we encourage couples to be imaginative and bestow the ring with personal touches. Each ring is a work of art and we can inscribe the ring vows, signatures or messages using hand or laser engraving.

    So if you you are ready to make one of the most important decisions of your married life and future, it’s time to learn more about why Furrer Jacot’s rings are may be right for you. See our collections and fall in love with of our pieces of art.


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