• The 46thAnnual LGBT Pride Parade

    Posted on June 6, 2016 in Wedding Tradition


    A unique craftsmanship that has been developed for over 150 years; all of us at Furrer Jacot understand the hard work that is invested and needed to gain acceptance and recognition.

    Our belief and passion of this philosophy has translated to our billboard featuring a same sex couple that has been raised in
San Francisco just in time to support – and all its efforts – the 46thAnnual LGBT Pride Parade.BillBoard_SF_May2016

    Furrer Jacot is proud to support same sex marriage and together with Shreve & Co our jewelry partner in San Francisco we created one of the first ads that celebrates the celebration for marriage and partnership equality in jewelry business.

    Standing for all that deserve equality.

    “We seal the most incredible bonds.”

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