• Valentine’s Day 2015

    Posted on February 11, 2015 in Special Dates


    Elsie and Christina

    Furrer Jacot has hand crafted unique and high quality weddings bands and engagement rings since 1858. Along with this tradition and a touch of the latest modern technology, Furrer Jacot’s bands stand for eternal love. Being partners for almost 18 years, Elsie and Christina, mothers of 4-year-old Meredith, is the epitome of the most incredible bonds.

    That is why this year, we are excited to partner up with H&H Jewels in Coconut Grove, Florida and be a part of this bond between Elsie and Christina’s wedding and celebration of the legalization of Same Sex Marriages in Florida.

    kissOn Valentine’s Day 2015, Furrer Jacot will provide 2 weddings bands for their nuptials hosted by H&H Jewels. Furrer Jacot is honored to be a part of their long awaited ceremony, and witness Elsie and Christina’s love to be exemplified with Furrer Jacot bands. A lavish reception at the H&H Jewels showroom will follow, and Furrer Jacot will host many of their exquisite pieces.

    Congratulations Elsie & Christina! We wish you the happiest of marriages for many years to come.

    We would like to wish all our friends and lovers a Happy Valentines Day!

    We hope this day will lead to your dream wedding and eventually a strong and lifetime bond such as Elsie and Christina’s.







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